Customized Trips​

We seek to provide our clients with the most fitting and useful
 treatments and interventions available. We prefer to consult with clients to co-create a program that fits the desires and needs for a particular group, agency, family or individual. These programs could be as basic as an hour long therapy session conducted while hiking, a long weekend (camping optional), or as complex as a multi-day adventure.
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What We Offer

Why Wilderness?

Planned Groups and Programs

These are organized and preplanned programs. You can check out our "Current Offerings" to learn more about what we have ongoing and coming up!

"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.” 

      - Henry David Thoreau


“Wilderness,” is a natural place that has not been significantly affected by civilized human activity. In this way, the wilderness is not unlike our emotional selves. Our emotional lives often embody a purity and truth which can be misunderstood by our larger society, our friends, our families and even ourselves. In wilderness, we may see reflected parts of our self that we have lost contact with long ago.

Psychologists have widely studied the therapeutic benefits of wilderness environments. Studies show that natural environments help to heal mental illness and increase an individual's emotional well being. 

Wilderness reflects the wild, untamed, and unprotected parts of ourselves. By setting foot into the wilderness outside of ourselves, we mirror our intention to set foot into those wild, pure, and untamed parts of our inner experiences.

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