Everyone shows up to therapy in different situations. and facing different challenges. Perhaps you are aware of an issue you want to address or maybe you are seeking therapy at a doctor's or loved one's suggestion. You may be able to identify what's happening for you or you may feel confused about what you're experiencing. Show up as you are! Nervous or unsure about therapy? Lets talk! Therapy is a collaborative process and we will work with each client to develop an individualized plan of treatment. Weekly sessions at the office,sessions outside, once a month or a trip in the back country- we will find the best fit for you!


   Pre teens and teenagers are naturally in a phase of self exploration, development, and rebellion. For some this can prove challenging. Perhaps mood and behavior symptoms emerge or a traumatic event occurs. Some teens want help and others resist (very typical!). Whatever your situation, we are here to help! If you are unsure if your child needs help, please call and we can talk about it.

When working with adolescents, we find a balance in treatment approaches based on client needs, age, and interest to be most effective. 


We offer a myriad of groups with differing

levels of therapeutic intervention. 

  •  Psycho educational groups.  These groups focus on education and contain minimal therapeutic processing.
  • Process groups. These groups are strongly focused on utilizing the group container as a place for deeper therapeutic work.
  • Experiential groups. These groups contain a mixture of education, practice, process, and self reflection.

Participating in a therapeutic group can be a life changing experience! Be sure to check out our Current Offerings for an up to date listing of groups!

“I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.”

-Aldous Huxley


Bringing the whole group in for therapy can be incredibly potent! Perhaps your family has experienced a loss or change, or maybe the tension in the house is ready to burst. Going through therapy can help a family identify issues, increase communication, address conflict, and break down barriers, 

Our approach with families depends on a variety of factors- goals, individuals, ages, etc. In addition to offering family sessions at our office, we specialize in Wilderness Therapy Intensives for families. You can check out our Wilderness Therapy page for more information.


   Did you know that young children can benefit from therapy? They may not have the memory to remember or the words to describe their experiences, but they are affected. Maybe you know a child has experienced trauma, perhaps you notice a child's behavior change, or you might find yourself struggling with your child. Children enter therapy for many reasons.

Of course our approach looks much different with young children than adults. In our work with children we highlight experiential exercises and play therapy techniques because play and present experience are how children inherently learn. 


A sliding scale is available and can be discussed on an individual basis.

Wilderness Therapy

We believe that mother nature offers a sacred space for growth and healing. In addition to offering a variety of Wilderness Programs (learn more here), we can incorporate wilderness into standard sessions as well. Maybe you are someone who dreads sitting in a therapy office or perhaps you are interested in a new approach to therapy. Either way, we can find what works best for you.


We offer mental health evaluations for children and adults. While we do not conduct testing or offer more advanced evaluations, we can offer DSM based assessments and treatment recommendations. Please contact us if you are interested  in these services.


We are available as advocates and teachers of mental health. Our ongoing goal is to reduce stigmas associated with mental health and to facilitate conversations about mental health in our communities. Topics we have covered include child social/emotional development, parenting tips, non violent communication, healthy boundaries, importance of self care, or mindfulness as a tool for building self-regulation and working with others. If you are interested in a specific topic, please talk with us to see if it is something we can offer.


Being in a relationship is often very satisfying and also challenging. Most often couples find themselves stuck, having the same argument again and again or realize they are unhappy with life's current trajectory. Couples come to therapy for varying reasons. Married for 2 years? 7? or 30? Perhaps you are interested in pre-marital counseling or maybe you are not married. All couples are welcome.

Our work with couples typically highlights effective communication, attachment styles, cultivating self and other awareness, and connection.


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